Arran Farm

Arran Farm & Milkshop


309 Taonui Road


174 Taonui Road


06 323 6562
or 027 230 5530


Opening Hours

7.00am to 7.00pm
7 days a week

About our farm


Arran Farm is a special place. Located near Feilding in the lush plains of the Manawatu, the Farm takes its name from the Isle of Arran in Scotland, where the Barr family originated. Stephen Barr's great grandfather came to New Zealand in the 1860's, starting a great family commitment to farming.

Today, Stephen, Mary and daughter Laura continue that tradition. They are passionate about what they do, very fond of their herd of cows and excited about bringing fresh, untampered, wholesome milk to the community. Their on-farm Milk Shop on Taonui Road, between Bunnythorpe and Feilding, is the result of the Barrs' dedication to lead the way in farming. You can find out more information about the Milk Shop, or book a school farm visit by emailing

A few facts about our farm

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  • Stock
  • People
  • Dairy
  • Milk Production
  • Management
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  • Challenges
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Farm Area

  • > 488 ha total
  • > 260 ha milking platform


  • > 800 – 850 cows
  • > 120 spring heifers
  • > 80 autumn heifers
  • > 120 spring calves
  • > 100 autumn calves


  • > 6 staff + Mary and Steve

Dairy Company

  • > Open Country Dairy

Milk Production

2012 - 2013 (Average)

  • > 5,736,261 LITRES of milk per year
  • > 15,715 LITRES of milk per day
  • > 7,261 LITRES per cow, per year
  • > 26 LITRES per cow, per day


  • > Split calving -520 spring, 280 autumn
  • > Keenan wagon and feed pads
  • > K-line irrigation on 200 ha


  • > 44 and 28 bale rotaries


  • > Difficult soils, wet winter and dry summer
  • > Getting cows in calf

Arran Farm

To your family from ours


Real milk tastes great

From A2 Cows, find out more

Arran milk is real milk, ready to drink the way nature intended. Not only does it taste great, it is goodness for your body. We don't meddle with it, we don't pasteurise or process it. Our milk is a nutritious, balanced food, high in protein and minerals. Arran milk is wholesomeness you can trust, direct from our cows to your table.

Arran Farm is committed to producing high quality, safe food. Not only do we treat our cows like part of our family, we have systems in place to ensure that the milk we supply to your family in pristine condition. We combine world-class facilities with happy and healthy cows. It's a happy thing.

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